How Do We Check The Quality of A Contractors Craftsmanship?

Simple Tips to Know If Your Handyman is Doing a Good Job

When you are about to hire a person or a company to remodel your house, and you are paying a good deal of money for it, you are advised to check the quality of the work that the contractor is going to deliver. For this purpose, you have to make a background check of his work, have a look at the portfolio, check his website for the reviews and past projects and finally go asking in person if someone hired him before. A big telling factor is whether or not the contractor is constantly trying to use the lowest quality of materials. While this can help in keeping the cost for your project minimal, it’s not the right approach for your home.

Since you cannot rely solely on the pictures provided by the contractor, it is advisable to look in person to the past remodeling projects and know how they deal with their clients. When you are out to check the contractor’s work quality, try to keep in mind these tips, so your inspection proves fruitful.

  1. Paint job

The simplest way to check the quality of work in case of the paint job is to touch and feel it physically. Move your hand to the painted wall with closed eyes and check for the blemishes and breaks. The smoothness of the painted wall is the indicator of the high quality of work.

  1. Check the trim

When you have checked the paint, next should be the check for the trim. The perfection in the trim is the indicator of quality work by the contractor. The trims should not be lose at all, and there should be not nailed holes appearing in them.

  1. Tile Job

Just like the paint and trim job, your next task is to check for the smoothness and perfection of the tile job. The tiles should all be placed evenly without any depressions. The grout applied to the tile must be smooth and thin and perfectly laid as well. You should check the tiles in the kitchen, bathrooms, patios, and porches.

  1. Woodwork

Although there could be a little too massive variation in the amount of woodwork in any house, however, you can check the perfection of the doors and cabinets to get sure for the quality of the work. The doors and cabinets should be perfectly straight. The doors should open effortlessly without making any creaking noise. The drawers should slide in and out smoothly. Any sign of hardness in the doors means they did not correctly installed or the quality of the doors is not up to the mark.

  1. Lights

The most crucial thing to check during your quality inspection of the contractor’s work is to look for the lights. Check for the placement of the lights whether they have ideally placed. In the darkness how well the house becomes lit up with the lights. Check for the buttons whether they work fine. Check the dimmers that they are working fine or not. The perfection in the placement and selection of lights determines a great deal about the sense and esthetic of the contractor.



What things to consider about home improvement?

Whether you live in a condo in a maintained community or a town-house, there will come time when your house will need to get renovated. Home improvement projects are certain in most of our lives.

Home improvement projects are not cheap. You need to invest a great deal of money this is why you don’t want all your efforts to go into vain. Here are some factors you must consider to ensure your dwelling turns into a better place to live.

Choose improvements that adds most value

As mentioned earlier, home improvement projects require a huge investment. You would want to spend money on something that increases your home’s value. Think your home as an investment that must have a decent return. This is why consider your options wisely.

Decide to DIY or not

Some projects can be handled yourself. You don’t need to hire an expensive interior designer and spend money on pointless purposes. Know your limits, and begin the work if you have the capability to do it yourself. It is not a big deal to incorporate decorative ideas in your house for some people which maybe a major part of home improvement project.

Find the money for the project

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Home improvement projects require money. If you cannot afford to finance the whole project by your own then know different ways to raise funds without putting your home at risk. One can make proper deductions at tax time and get some money back from the project if they know the distinction between tax breaks for home improvements and home repairs.

Set up a realistic budget. You must know what you are going to spend your money on before initiating the plan. Make accurate estimates. This can be done using online tools. It will help you to determine realistic scenarios. Explore more options on how your home improvement projected will be carried along in the context of finance and then begin your work.

The right contractor

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It is crucially important to find a responsible contractor. We come across scary stories of homeowners being scammed by contractors or having work done so carelessly that it takes a great deal of money to redo all of it. Choose your contractors very carefully. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Get recommendations from your friends, family and neighbors. Their experience will help you.
  • Look for complaints against contractors.
  • Find out the licenses and permits they need.
  • Meet with the contractor in person.
  • Ask for more references.

Have a plan

Home improvement project is not something that can be done very quickly and easily. Starting a project without looking over the major and minor details can be a big mistake. You need to look over cost factors, materials and overall design of it. Have a realistic approach and execute your plans. Make sure each and everything happens in an organized manner. Havocs can ruin your improvement project. Work on it in a disciplined manner to achieve what you initially planned.