The Best Plants for Desert Landscapes

Desert landscaping can be challenging. Discovering which plants and shrubs work well in a dry climate poses a unique set of issues; combine this with needing to get the correct amount of water the vegetation.  Desert plants have a unique appearance that stands out for an amazing and bold look.Desert landscapes are fun because of their endless options when it comes to layout. It’s true, you are limited when it comes to selecting the types of plants you can install, however, there are over 100 common desert landscape plants to choose from. Additionally, you’ll love the fact that your yard will be mostly maintenance free! Taking care of gardens can be tedious to keep it presentable – not with a desert landscape. Obtaining the desired desert landscape will depend on how you go about designing everything and whether it’s natural or artificial.

Designing desert landscapes

desert fauna

Most desert landscapes are dry and surrounded by rocky sandy earth or are sandy and brown, with grey colors which are dull and no appeal at all. Getting color into the landscape is important to make it look alive, not dead.  Placing warm (red and yellow) colors which breaks up the dull patches for spacing out and to make it look alive! When it’s time to design your landscape It is best to hire a professional landscaper designer who specializes in desert landscapes. Carefully choosing what is used for maximum effect.

Best desert fauna for Desert Landscapes

Here are some examples of desert fauna that is used for desert landscaping.


No desert landscape is complete without the ubiquitous cactus (not all are cactus) that pockmarks any patch of dry land! A cactus is hardier than normal plants and is low maintenance to take care of. Using it in landscaping will give it variety because it comes in many sizes, colors, shapes that allow a plethora of designing options as focus or used to accentuate the overall design with other fauna.

various desert succulents

Ghost Plant

Bunny Ear

Golden Barrel

Trees, shrubs, grasses

shrubs, trees, grass

Fauna that can be used for desert landscaping are trees, shrubs and grasses that are found in the desert as well. These type of desert shrubbery are as low maintenance as cacti but will yield much more greenery . Trees give cover to other plants and protection too and having them in landscapes will keep other plants alive. Placement of trees in specific spots will enhance any gardens look. Shrubs and grasses will have patches of color or green to make areas less dull looking.

shurbs with shade

Palo Verde


Joshua Tree

Mexican grass

Aloe tree


wild flowers

Grasses and shrubs give a touch of green then Wildflowers with a touch color will make the overall look more attractive than just green patches of trees, shrubs and grasses. Growing them in any desert landscape will need the right condition to bloom but when it does, it will make a desert landscape swim with patches color which is attractive to look at.


Desert Marygold

Desert Sage

Creating the best Desert landscapes

Tricky at best but the best plants for desert landscapes will create awesome designs for desert landscapes. Picking out the best plants to bring out the patterns, shapes and colors that make any desert landscape stand out! Customizing unique looks that will compliment any front or backyard with a desert landscape is easier to do with these pointers.

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